Our signs are handcrafted right here in our wood shop in the back of our store. They are made of real wood which has been sustainably logged.  All of our signs are engraved, not stenciled, using our CNC router.  The sign blanks are painted then clamped to our router. Our designs are programmed on the computer and then the flash drive is connected to the router to start the carving process. After they are carved they go to our framing department for the finishing touches.

We take great pride and care in building each of our signs so you will have a piece that is made to last.  The beauty of being locally made is that we have the capability to customize them for you. We are only limited by your imagination.

Our signs will be available for online shopping soon, in the mean time call the store or stop in to check out the variety of in stock signs or to place an order for a customized one. Shipping is also available, give us a call for a quote at 563-873-2006.