Our Story

Monica and Paul Tiffany met in October 2004 while Paul was working in the area. A true love at first sight, they married in July 2005 and have been working together ever since.

The couple has tried it all. A strong background in home construction, remodeling, and decorating combined with a love for agriculture and rural life led them to open McGregor Mercantile in 2006.

Tiffany & Weller, A Farm Market

Tiffany & Weller represents two individual people who inspire each other to continue to build a unique business. Choosing the brand name Tiffany & Weller allowed Monica and Paul to acknowledge their individual talents and also say thank you to the Weller family.

Chainsaw Carving Art

Chainsaw carving has long been a fascination of Monica’s. After a devastating tornado ripped through her hometown and life was upended for a while, she took the opportunity to pursue learning about the art and turning it into a passion.

Featured in Our Iowa magazine. Read article.

Stop in and see Monica’s chainsaw art!